Inside Our Firm

It has always been a goal of ours for customers to hire us again. We have had a 90% repeat business rate since the day our doors opened and are proud of it. Our on-site management, attention to detail, cleanliness, and safety, are only half of what makes our complete operation. The other half is what most people do not see, it is our strong back office operation. This is what we feel makes us truly unique. From putting together the most precise schedules and managing long lead items to.

Our “competitive” strengths are our capabilities of performing several trade tasks with our own workforce. Some of these tasks include: site work, masonry, demolition, and carpentry.

While our company is well-established, we seek out the latest technological advancements to incorporate into our business process. Currently, we work with Timberline Construction Software for our project management, accounting, and estimating. Primavera Project Planner is the program we use planning and updating our schedules. We use the CAD(Computer Aided Design) system when a design/build project is at our hands. From cell phones to email, our employees are in constant communication with each other. The construction industry is an exciting arena of new technologies and methodologies and we remain at the front of those advancements to consistently improve our performance.