Bruce began his career working for an established Site and Utilities construction company. Eventually, he switched to the commercial construction industry working for a developer in the Fairfield county area. During that time he was responsible for building and developing commercial buildings all around the State of Connecticut.

As part of his business philosophy Bruce is flexible to adapt to changing markets. In response to economics of the early 1990’s he decided to include the construction of Custom Homes to the company’s portfolio. In the late 2000’s, he again had to adapt to the economy which prompted him to enter the municipal marketplace.  Over the past few years more consulting services are being offered by the company and the future is to continue to be flexible.

We encourage each member of the company to provide our clients with the best experience, utilizing the most efficient and cost effective methods to build; employing the most up to date technology, sourcing the most environmentally friendly long lasting products, constantly working on being more competitive to pass along those savings to our clients.  Our state of the art systems allow us to keep our costs down while operating smoothly and swiftly through projects with the goal of optimizing the construction process for our clients.